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3 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Is Blowing Warm Air


Cooling your home is important not only because it keeps you comfortable, but also because it protects your belongings and the quality of your indoor air from the harmful effects of humidity. Unfortunately, certain issues may affect your air conditioner’s ability to create and move cooled air into the home.

If your thermostat is set to heat mode or you have not run the air conditioning for a few months, you may feel warm air coming out of the vents initially. However, this warm air should quickly start to cool, conditioning your home, comforting your family, and cooling down your belongings. If warm air continues to flow out of the vents, it may be caused by an underlying issue which you need to address.

The following are a few common reasons why your air conditioner may be blowing warm air.

Low Refrigerant

Also known as Freon, refrigerant is meant to last a lifetime. However, basic wear and tear can damage your air conditioning system, increasing the risk of leaks that will, over time, diminish your refrigerant levels.

If your air conditioner does not have an adequate amount of Freon, it will not go through the proper evaporation process needed to create cold air. If you feel warm air moving through your vents even though you are running your air conditioning, your system may be low on Freon.

After inspecting and repairing refrigerant lines for signs of damage that may be causing the leak, your HVAC contractor will recharge the system by adding more Freon.

Duct Leakage

Another common reason your system may be blowing warm air involves your system’s ductwork.

Over time, damage will likely occur in the ductwork. For example, your ductwork may develop small holes and tears, or its seams may gradually come apart. This damage allows cooled air to escape before it reaches and flows out of the vents inside your home.

Since it is located in the walls, ceiling, and other areas of the home that are not easily accessed, you will need to hire contractors to inspect your ductwork and determine the location of the leak.

Repairing, replacing, or sealing damaged ductwork is imperative for cooling your home in an efficient way.

Improper Maintenance

Just as it is in other areas of your home, proper maintenance is key to protecting and enhancing the function of your heating and cooling system. If warm air is continuously moving out of your vents while the air conditioner is running, your system may need maintenance.

You can perform some basic maintenance yourself. To get started, check your air filters. A heavy buildup of dust and dirt will discolor the filters. This buildup clogs the filters quickly and prevents cooled air from moving out of the vents. If you are using reusable filters, make sure to wash them regularly using warm water and liquid dish soap.

Your air conditioner’s condenser and evaporator coils will also collect residue and debris over time. This buildup prevents your system from absorbing heat during the air conditioning process, reducing the amount of cool air moving through the vents.

If your AC system is moving warm air through the vents inside your home, clean the coils to improve the system’s efficiency. Also, make sure to leave at least 2 feet of space between any plants and your outdoor units. This will reduce the risk of foliage, such as leaves and seeds, and soil building up on the unit and coils.

For more information on common AC issues or to schedule an inspection, repair, or general maintenance appointment, contact HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains today.

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