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How to Prevent Hair Drain Clogs


So, you’re taking a shower and you look down to see that you’re standing in standing water. And, it’s kind of murky. Not to mention the weird smell you’ve been smelling…

You might have a hair drain clog.

Hair drain clogs are as common as they are annoying. Today, your friends at HELP help YOU to prevent a matted mess from messing up your pipes.

Why Did You Get a Hair Drain Clog?

Hair, soap, and other debris all make their way down your drain. When too much hair accumulates, it can form a mass. The more debris goes down the drain, the larger the mass grows. Eventually, this ball of hair results in slow-draining water and sometimes even a complete blockage.

hair drain clog meme

Depending on how often your drain is used, how much debris makes its way down the drain, and the material your pipes are made of, a hair drain can take a few months all the way down to a few weeks to form.

Hair Drain Clogs: 2 Major Signs

Not sure if you’ve got a hair drain clog? Remember the two “S” speed and smell.

If your water is draining slowly (or it’s stopped draining altogether) and you smell a musky, rotten-like odor, there’s a good chance you have a hair drain clog.

As hair builds up in your drain, it makes it difficult for water to pass through. Once the mass begins trapping water, the hair begins to decompose and bacteria and other microorganisms begin to accumulate and multiply, causing the putrid smell.

Hair Drain Clogs: Prevention Tips

Removing a hair drain clog isn’t the most pleasant of tasks. As with anything, prevention is key.

Brush Before Washing

Want to keep hair from clogging up your drain? Keep it out of the drain in the first place! Giving yourself a thorough brush before hopping into the shower will remove loose hair from your scalp and prevent it from making its way into your plumbing.

brushing hair before a shower prevents hair clogs

Get a Shower Cap

Not planning on washing your hair? Wrap it up! Even if you don’t get your hair wet, loose hair can fall into the tub. A shower cap is only a few dollars and can save you time, money, and hassle of having to de-clog your shower drain.

Invest in a Drain Cover

One of the most efficient ways to prevent hair from entering your drain is to install a shower drain cover. These handy devices can be found at nearly every hardware store and sit on top of your drain. At the end of your shower, you shake off any debris that has collected into your trash. You’d be surprised how much hair you prevent from entering your pipes!

Flush Your Drains

Flush, flush, flush! Avoiding a hair clog in your drain can be as simple as flushing your drain with hot water after each shower. You can include baking soda and vinegar as an extra precaution.

The best way to fix a hair drain clog problem is to prevent one from happening in the first place.

What Do You Do When You Have a Hair Clog?

If it’s too late for preventative measures, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top tips for removing a hair drain clog and getting water down the drain where it belongs:

The Solution? Drain Solution!

Both organic and chemical drain cleaning solutions are known for busting up even the most stubborn, pesky clogs. Pour your drain cleaner directly into the drain and let sit overnight. In the morning, flush it with hot water. However, keep in mind that chemical drain solutions can be toxic and dangerous to the environment. Use sparingly!

Take the Plunge

Did you know that your plunger can be used for your sink and shower drains? Create a seal by pressing your plunger firmly over the drain and pull up quickly to create suction to break up or dislodge clogs. Repeat this process until the water begins flowing.

plunge out hair drain clogs

Flush Your Drain

Flushing your drain is used both preventatively and as a remedy for an existing clog. Flush your drains with hot water and add some baking soda and vinegar to break up any hair drain clogs.

Call in the Plumbing Professionals

DIY draining you? If these home remedies for breaking up a clogged drain aren’t working, it’s time to make a call to your local Cincinnati drain clog clearing professionals. Your home’s plumbing isn’t something you want to take lightly, especially in something that gets as much use as your shower!

HELP Plumber clearing a drain

A Hair Clog Straining Your Drain? Call for HELP!

At HELP, we know that a hair drain clog can clog up your entire day. We offer speedy, affordable hair drain clog removal services to help get your shower drain back to working order.

Contact the HELP team today and schedule your appointment!

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