ThermashieldSM Radiant Barrier

ThermashieldSM Radiant Barrier

Control Excess Heat Effectively with ThermaShieldSM Radiant Barrier. Eliminate Unwanted Heat and Reduce Utility Expenses


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ThermaShieldSM Radiant Barrier: Your Solution for Heat Reduction

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier offers a natural solution to reduce excess heat and cut down your utility costs. Unlike ordinary foil, this industrial-grade foil is designed to withstand extreme attic temperatures. Discover the advantages of installing ThermaShield Radiant Barrier:

  • Maintains a cooler indoor environment.
  • Effectively reflects and blocks unwanted heat.
  • Results in significant savings on utility expenses.

Understanding the Accumulation of Unwanted Heat

To understand the efficacy of the Thermashield Radiant Barrier, it’s essential to comprehend the concept of radiant heat. Radiant heat travels through the atmosphere as electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed by various materials and objects. These could include your roof tiles, attic walls, vehicles, condensers, and anything exposed to the sun’s rays.

Once absorbed, these electromagnetic waves convert into heat, known as radiant heat. This radiant heat then transfers to nearby objects, gradually heating the entire area. On scorching days, your attic absorbs an excessive amount of heat. Radiant Barrier intervenes in this process by acting as a mirror, deflecting the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere.

Key points to remember:

  • The roof primarily absorbs the sun’s energy through radiation.
  • During warm months, attic temperatures can rise to triple digits.
  • Heat accumulated in the attic permeates the rest of the home,
    counteracting the effects of air conditioning.

Choosing the
Right HVAC Company
in Cincinnati

The key to choosing the ideal HVAC and insulation contractors is to ask the right questions. This is why we've compiled a list of the five most critical questions you should ensure to inquire about before hiring insulation services:

We maintain a meticulous hiring process. Every technician undergoes thorough vetting and background checks, and we only bring someone on board if they possess the friendly personality we seek.

Beyond the initial intensive 8-10 hour training course, we mandate that all our technicians complete 150 hours of training annually under the guidance of a master technician.

Absolutely, we provide written guarantees, all clearly articulated without any confusing language. You can review them here and contact us to learn more.

It’s quite straightforward; just check our Google Reviews, where you’ll find thousands of testimonials from our previous customers. A quick search on the internet will give you insights into our services.

We are exceptionally careful about this aspect, as we understand the frustration of companies that promise a great price and then tack on hidden fees. When we provide a quote, that’s the exact amount you’ll pay—no surprises or additional charges.

Thermashield Radiant Barrier:
Utilizing It Effectively

Although it resembles sheets of foil placed on your attic ceiling, the installation of Radiant Barrier is notably complex. It requires the expertise of a professionally trained HVAC technician who evaluates various factors, including your home’s orientation to the sun, roof and attic configuration, available space, and the external environment.

To determine the optimal placement for your Thermashield Radiant Barrier, please contact us today or complete an online form. Key considerations for radiant barrier installation:

  • Perpendicular Orientation: Ensure it is installed perpendicular to the surface.
  • Sun’s Heat Shield: Position it to counteract the sun’s heat.
  • Open Area: Place it facing an open area.

Why Do My Roof and Attic

One of the most advantageous aspects of attic insulation is its ability to shield you and your home from the relentless heat during humid summer days in Cincinnati.

The excessive heat in your attic is a result of your roof absorbing a significant portion of the sun’s heat. During this process, heat spreads from the roof to everything in the attic, including the HVAC system, attic walls, and any items you store there.

This intrusive heat not only poses a threat to your home and HVAC system but also undermines the cooling efforts of your air conditioner, rendering your home uncomfortably hot. The most effective solution to combat this issue is the installation of a Radiant Barrier.

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