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Professional HVAC Services in Dayton, KY

Every home needs a sound HVAC system. If your units aren’t working right, trust HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric & Drains to handle the job. Our expert staff has been in the business for decades, resolving heating, cooling, and air quality problems throughout Dayton, KY.

Schedule HVAC services online or call (513) 333-4357 to get started in Dayton.

Air Conditioning Services in Dayton, KY

The heat in Kentucky can be too much to take, especially in the summer. Is your AC system ready to beat the heat? If not, it’s time to call for HELP. Our team can resolve any cooling system issue, whether you need repairs, replacement, or maintenance. 

Air Conditioning Repair

AC repairs are an inevitable need for cooling systems. Fortunately, working with experts has many benefits when your AC needs fixing, such as:

  • Avoiding major system breakdowns
  • Enjoying lower operational costs for your system
  • Having confidence that your system can handle the hottest days

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

From ductless mini-splits to heat pumps to AC units, HELP is your go-to team for cooling system installation services in Dayton, KY. You may need a new cooling system if:

  • Your AC unit smokes or sparks while it’s running
  • Your AC system fails to cool your rooms evenly
  • Your energy bill is much higher than usual

Make sure your home is ready for the Kentucky heat. We can install a new system and ensure that your home is cool and comfortable.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance can do a lot for your cooling system. Catching small issues early can ensure that your system lasts longer and runs into fewer problems. Our team offers the HELP Club, featuring annual maintenance tune-ups, repair discounts, and much more.

Heating Services in Dayton, KY

Heat is a vital part of life in Dayton. When your heat is out, you need help ASAP. HELP can get to your home and resolve your heating issues to keep you safe. We offer heating repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Count on us when your heating system just doesn’t seem right.

Heating Repair

Does your heating system need repair? You might need help from a pro if:

  • Your heater turns on and off at random
  • Your home doesn’t warm up evenly throughout all the rooms
  • Your heater hasn’t been replaced in over 15 years

No matter the issue, HELP can resolve the problem. We have the tools and talents needed to uncover any heating issue and fix it fast. We’ll make sure you’re ready for the cold Kentucky weather.

Heating Installation and Replacement

If your heating unit needs installation and replacement services and is too far gone for repair, we’re here to help. Our team can remove your old system and install a new furnace or heat pump at your home.

Heating Maintenance

Keeping up with heating maintenance is essential for keeping your system running well. When you hire experts for maintenance, you can count on them to:

  • Clean your blower motor
  • Check all electrical and fuel connections
  • Replace your system’s air filter
  • Check your thermostat connection
  • Inspect your heating element

To learn more about heating maintenance in Dayton, KY,  contact us online or call (513) 333-4357.

HVAC Repair vs. Replacement

It can be tough to tell if it’s time for HVAC repair or replacement service. A professional technician can look over your entire system and help you understand the problems it’s experiencing. A replacement may be needed if the issues are too extensive or likely to return after a repair.

It’s also a good idea to replace the heating and cooling systems together. That way, both systems are more likely to work well together in the coming years. They will also likely go through a similar amount of wear and tear over time, and you won’t need to constantly have one system repaired.

Schedule HVAC Services Now

Don’t go another day without proper heating and cooling. The licensed and insured technicians at HELP bring personalized service, upfront pricing, financing options, and satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll make sure the job is done right the first time.

Schedule dependable HVAC services today in Dayton, KY, by contacting us online or calling (513) 333-4357.