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The Best Pet Friendly Plants


If you love your pets and plants, but don’t want your furry companions to become sick after curiously inspecting a toxic plant, here are 15 of the best pet friendly plants to choose from!

African Violet

If you give this beautiful plant indirect sunlight, regular fertilizer, and temperatures between 70 degrees and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll reward you with lush deep purple petals year-round. African violets should be kept away from drafty areas, such as windows and vents.

cat with African violent plant

Baby’s Tears

With petite leaves appearing to float from the leggy stems, baby’s tears are an intriguing addition to any home. This plant can be kept in a hanging basket or used as ground cover for an existing potted plant. Baby’s tears prefer filtered light, moist but not soggy soil, and temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Some people call it a tree, others call it a plant, but a banana plant is really a type of herb that overshadows its fellow herbs — literally. Indoors, banana plants can grow to a height of six feet when provided full sun, loamy, well-draining soil, and plenty of water with high humidity. With proper care, you may even have bananas to pick!

Spider Plant

The spider plant has decorated homes for decades, and it’s no wonder given its easy going but hardy nature. A known air purifier, spider plants do best with bright, indirect light, temperatures between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and watering when the soil is dry.

Venus Fly Trap

The Venus fly trap needs a slightly different care routine than regular indoor plants, but is fun to have around. It flourishes in acidic soil that remains damp, but drains well. For the air around a Venus fly trap, it does well in bright indirect light with temperatures between 70 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit and a good dose of humidity, but don’t neglect good air circulation.

venus fly trap meme

Areca Palm

Also called a butterfly palm, the areca palm is a statement plant featuring hundreds of soft leaflets among its fronds. It’s a bit particular for its lighting needs, doing best with bright but indirect light from a south- or west-facing window. Letting the soil dry out between watering is a good way to keep the roots of an areca palm healthy.

Boston Fern

High humidity and low light are two things that make the Boston fern quite happy. As the leaves bush out, keep the soil moist but don’t overwater. Given the temptation of turning the fronds into toys, many pet parents keep their Boston fern up on a stand or in a hanging basket, out of reach for curious paws.

boston fern


The striped or sometimes stippled leaves of the calathea are sure to catch many eyes. Sometimes called a rattlesnake or zebra plant because of the leaves, this plant needs a shady spot in the home and a spritz or two of water to the leaves when they begin to dry. Make sure it has a loose soil to encourage draining and high humidity; the calathea’s reward will be stunning leaves.


A peperomia plant is a good addition to a home office desk or bookshelf with full to partial indirect sunlight. Every variety of the peperomia is known for their natural leaf patterns, including one that looks like a tiny watermelon! This plant needs moist but well-draining soil, moderate humidity, and regular indoor temperatures.

An orchid looks like a high-maintenance plant that only an experienced florist could adequately care for. But, these exquisite plants only need a mild and relatively humid environment with lots of bright but indirect light to thrive. Make sure to let the soil or other growing medium dry out between waterings as orchids are susceptible to root rot.

Mosaic Plant

With intense green foliage and a range of colored veins, the mosaic plant adds a layer of texture to any indoor plant collection. It stays relatively small as it matures, and has straightforward care needs. Provide well-draining but consistently moist soil with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a humid, partially lit environment.


Bromeliads are a good choice for people who don’t want to mess with the mess of potting soil. These stunning tropical plants thrive in shallow pots and can grow in organic amendments, such as a blend of bark and sphagnum moss. Provide bright, indirect light and water at either the base or into its center cup if you have high light and temperature levels.

Ponytail Palm

Another popular desktop or side table plant, the ponytail palm isn’t really a palm but part of the Asparagaceae family (it’s a cousin to asparagus!). They don’t mind a shallow pot or container with sandy soil that drains quickly, and prefer full sun with regular indoor temperatures and humidity levels. The ponytail palm doesn’t need too much water; a drink every seven to 10 days is fine since it stores water in the large stem.

Royal Velvet Plant

What appears to be fur covering the leaves of a royal velvet plant is really hundreds of fine hairs that look iridescent in certain lighting. It can thrive in a range of container sizes and matures in a few weeks; some plants produce leaves up to six inches long! The royal velvet plant has regular care needs, doing best in regular indoor temperatures with normal humidity levels as long as its soil stays moist. Place this beautiful plant in bright light to help it grow and to enjoy its dazzling colors.


If you’ve wanted to hop on the succulent bandwagon, the echeveria is a great way to start. It grows quickly and produces plump leaves in a trademark rosette shape with a variety of colors. Make sure the echeveria has well-draining and acidic soil, is placed in full sun, and water sparingly to mimic its desert roots.

echeveria plants

Pet friendly plants help create a cozy and welcoming home for humans and furry friends alike. Keep your home comfortable indoors with an HVAC tune-up. Call HELP today to schedule an appointment.

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