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Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist


Man replacing dirty air filter

The snow is melting, and the ice is thawing — it can only mean one thing: Spring has officially sprung! As the warmer weather settles in, it’s time to start preparing your HVAC equipment to ensure a hassle-free, comfortable cooling season ahead.

Read on to learn the key maintenance tasks you need to complete for an air conditioner that runs without a hitch all summer long.

1. Replace the Air Filter

Over time, your air conditioner’s air filter will accumulate dirt and debris that can eventually lead to clogging and poor airflow. It’s important to change your air filters regularly to avoid overworking your system and paying excess energy expenses.

Before starting your air conditioner, be sure to replace your HVAC filter. During the warmer months, continue to replace them at least once every 90 days. You may need to replace your air filters more frequently if you are particularly susceptible to allergens or are living with pets in the home.

2. Remove the AC Cover

If you have a cover on your outdoor AC unit to protect it from winter snow and ice, remove it before turning on your system for the first time.

If you forget to remove the cover, the unit may overheat and put undue stress on components, namely the compressor.

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

After removing the cover, you may notice some dirt or debris accumulated over the winter season. Ensure you clear the area and clean your outdoor unit — especially around the condenser coils. Keep your eye out for any signs of pests or nesting around your HVAC condenser unit.

While you can easily clean the outside of your unit on your own, you should never attempt to clean the inside of your unit without the help of a skilled professional. Doing so without the proper tools or training can result in personal injury.

4. Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you don’t currently have a programmable thermostat installed in your home, now’s the time to consider an upgrade.

By preprogramming the temperature in your home, you can save significantly on your heating and cooling bills all year long and maintain the ideal level of comfort in your home more easily.

5. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Last — but certainly not least — the most important item on your spring HVAC checklist is to schedule a professional maintenance appointment with your cooling specialist.

Annual AC maintenance is critical to keeping your unit in the best working condition possible. Adhering to annual system maintenance is also often required to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty. Otherwise, you may get stuck paying for a repair or replacement that your warranty would have covered.

Professional air conditioner maintenance also:

  • Extends your AC unit’s life span
  • Improves overall performance
  • Increases energy-efficiency
  • Decreases cooling costs
  • Identifies repair needs early
  • Ensures system reliability

We’re Here To HELP With Your Annual AC Maintenance!

Are you nearing the one-year mark on your last AC maintenance appointment? Don’t worry — HELP is on the way! Our air conditioning maintenance experts offer the comprehensive system tune-up you need to regain total confidence in your home comfort all season long.

We make managing your HVAC system maintenance easy with the HELP Club. Through this special program, our team automates your AC and heating maintenance for you, offering exclusive membership savings on system repairs and services.

Head into the spring and summer with the peace of mind you deserve by scheduling AC maintenance with HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains today!

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