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Signs you Need a Yearly Furnace Tune-Up


Image: a furnace in an attic, cover image for Signs you Need a Yearly Furnace Tune-Up.

Yearly furnace tune-ups are vital to the functionality and efficiency of your heating system. Having a professional technician look at your furnace keeps it in top condition and prevents dust accumulation and filtration issues.

Not sure if your furnace is working correctly? Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate that you need a furnace tune-up sooner rather than later.

When Should I Book a Furnace Tune-Up?

A furnace tune-up is important for safety reasons – a properly operating furnace will keep your home more comfortable and efficient). But furnace maintenance also helps extend the life of your system and save you money on your energy bills.

Image: The inside of a furnace being vacuumed out.

We recommend two HVAC tune-ups per year. For your furnace, we recommend scheduling an appointment a month or so before the fall, aka the start the furnace season. However, you may require further maintenance between tune-ups if you have an older furnace. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to heating your home.

Why is a Yearly Furnace Tune-Up Important?

A furnace tune-up will help you avoid emergency calls, save money, and keep your family safe.

Image: Austin Powers furnace meme.

When you book a furnace tune-up you –

  • Increase efficiency and performance. A furnace not running efficiently will work harder to heat your home, leading to higher energy bills. A professional technician will check that your equipment is working correctly and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.
  • Prolong the life of your heating system. If you neglect to keep up with regular maintenance for too long, your system may start showing signs of wear before its time. This could result in costly repairs down the road if you don’t take care of it immediately.
  • Keep your family safe from potential hazards. A professional technician checks for any safety issues related to your heating system during their inspection, such as carbon monoxide leaks or electrical shorts due to corrosion on wires or fuses.

Signs you Need a Furnace Tune-Up

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to schedule a furnace checkup.

Higher Energy Bills

If you have an older furnace or boiler, it may not be able to handle the extra load of heating your home when it’s already cold outside. Overloading can cause mechanical failures and damage your unit — not to mention high energy bills.

Image: a couple going over their household bills.

Something Smells Funky

It may be time for a furnace tune-up if you notice an unfamiliar smell coming from your vents after the unit turns on. This odor could be caused by burning dust or debris that needs to be cleaned out of the ductwork. If you smell a strange smell, book a furnace tune-up as soon as possible.

Heat is Patchy (Or There’s no Heat at All)

If you’re feeling cold often during the winter, it could be because of clogged filters or other blocked vents in your home. A tune-up will help eliminate these problems and ensure your system runs at its best during the year’s colder months.

Fiddling with the Thermostat Makes no Difference

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature on your thermostat, but it still isn’t working correctly? If it says 68 degrees in your house but feels much colder, it’s probably time for a furnace tune-up. The heating system may need to be adjusted, or new filters may need to be installed.

If you have an older thermostat, it may be time to replace it with a programmable or digital one. A newer model will give you more accurate readings and provide more settings to set specific temperatures for different times of day or night when you’re not home.

Pilot Light is Yellow or Orange

If the pilot light on your furnace is red or orange, there’s insufficient combustion air (oxygen) for the flame to burn properly. This can be caused by several reasons, including –

  • Dirty or clogged burners
  • Incorrectly adjusted gas pressure regulator
  • Low gas pressure
  • Corroded gas connectors
  • Poor draft in chimney or flue due to blockage

Whatever the cause, it’s essential to get a red or orange flame checked by a trained HVAC professional.

Furnace is old

Furnaces are complicated pieces of equipment, and they don’t last forever. So, if you have an older furnace that’s been installed in the past 10 years or so, it may be time for a tune-up.

A yearly furnace tune-up ensures that your system runs efficiently and safely. Because furnaces can have many parts and components, there are many possible reasons why they can stop working and need a trained technician to fix the problems.

Image: an old furnace in a basement.

What’s more, taking care of your old furnace will help lower your energy bills.

Keep your furnace in perfect working order this winter by booking a furnace tune-up with the HELP professionals.

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