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Do You Need A New Water Heater? 7 Signs You Do


Hot water is a modern luxury that many people take for granted. But when your water heater fails, you may realize just how much you rely on hot water for bathing, washing, and other household purposes.

While many water-heater issues can be resolved through repair work, all heaters will eventually need to be replaced. In this blog, we list seven common signs that may indicate the need for a new heater.

1. Abnormal Noise

As sediment builds up in a water-heater tank, the obstruction can result in abnormal noises during the heating process. You may hear banging or rumbling sounds coming from your water heater.

While a small amount of buildup can be removed by a plumbing professional, over time the sediment becomes hardened. A large amount of hard sediment may make your heater inefficient and loud, necessitating replacement.

2. Age

The average water heater lasts around 15 years. If you know when the water heater was installed, check your owner’s manual to determine how much longer you can reasonably expect the appliance to last.

If you aren’t sure when your current heater was installed, a plumber may be able to narrow down the time frame for you. Generally, the age of the heater matters only if you have also begun to see other signs on this list.

3. Corroded Fittings

Though water heaters are made to withstand moisture and high temperatures, constant rushing water can wear down certain components over time. If leaks appear around the valves or the pipework, corrosion is even more likely.

If the fittings around your water heater look rusted or worn down, the corrosion may indicate an issue with the unit as a whole. A plumber can help you determine whether the issue can be fixed by replacing the damaged part or if the corrosion indicates a more serious problem.

4. Extensive Leaks

While your water heater handles a lot of water, that water should never be visible when you look at the heater itself. If you notice puddles of water around the heater or water seeping down the sides of the heater, the tank may be fractured.

In most cases, the heater will need to be replaced in order to get rid of the existing leaks and prevent potential water damage.

5. Inadequate Hot Water

A lack of hot water can occur for a number of reasons, including incorrect heater settings. However, if you notice a sudden decrease in the amount of hot water, the heater may no longer be working effectively.

If you notice that your hot water never seems to get hotter than lukewarm, this lack of heat can also point to a failing heater.

6. Numerous Repairs

You can solve many appliance issues through simple repair. However, once an appliance requires numerous repairs to stay functional, it may be a smarter investment to replace the appliance rather than spend more money on it.

If your water heater has needed multiple repairs in the last one to two years, start planning for a replacement.

7. Poor Water Quality

Because all your hot water goes through the heater, problems with the water heater may affect the quality of your water. If your water looks muddy or rusty, smells metallic, or tastes strange, your heater may be failing.

Have a plumber assess the heater to determine the cause of the water-quality issue.

If you notice any combination of the signs listed above, contact the team at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains. We provide prompt and efficient water heater replacement so that you don’t have to live without the simple luxury of hot water.

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