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5 Reasons Why Annual HVAC Maintenance Is a Great Investment


HVAC maintenance isn’t a big deal; if there’s no obvious malfunction, the system is operating just fine, right? Not exactly. A tricky thing about HVAC systems is that many issues are often progressive, meaning they start off small and develop into something more significant. Annual maintenance is a useful tool for highlighting these problems. Invest in regular maintenance and your HVAC system will yield a healthy return.

1. Extends Systems Lifespan

Do you have an extra $6,500 on hand? Well, if you’re neglecting annual maintenance, then that is the amount you will need to spend: it costs $3,000 for a new central air-conditioning unit, another $2,500 for a heating furnace and $1,000 for new ductwork. If these figures aren’t shocking enough, these represent low-end systems.

Systems suited for large homes or with unique features come with greater costs. Manufacturers design these systems to last for decades. However, this is only the case when they are functioning properly. Annual maintenance keeps your systems operating optimally, which means they last longer.

2. Reduces Repair Needs

As previously stated, inspections highlight problems you may not know about. Consider a furnace belt, for example. Furnace belts assist with the flow of warm air from the heater to the ducts. It’s not uncommon for a belt to fray and wear over time.

A belt in this condition typically functions normally; however, as it deteriorates further, it may snap and wrap itself around the internal components of the furnace. Given this scenario, you’ll have to pay for a belt replacement and any additional damage caused. Annual maintenance alerts you of the problem before it reaches this level.

3. Improves Air Quality

Did you know that half of all illnesses are developed or exacerbated by poor indoor air quality? Preventive maintenance improves air quality, keeping your family healthier. Many annual maintenance services include coil cleaning. Through routine operation, condenser coils become a haven for dirt, grime and bacteria collection.

As the air passes over the coils, it also forces remnants from these particles into the air. Coil cleaning removes this buildup and helps protect against future bacteria growth. This contaminated air quality creates a risk for everyone, but those with respiratory or allergy issues, infants and the elderly are at an increased risk.

4. Helps Manage Heating and Cooling Costs

From November to February, the average low in Cincinnati hoovers around 22 degrees. It’s safe to assume that the heat will be on in your home quite regularly during the winter. How much you spend to heat or cool your home has everything to do with the amount of effort, or energy, the system uses. The more effort, the greater the energy usage and the higher your bills.

A poorly maintained unit works 20% harder than an efficiently operating system. For you, this could mean a 20% increase in operating costs. Routine maintenance keeps your systems working efficiently which in turn helps you save money.

5. Makes a Home More Attractive to Buyers

Buyers want turnkey properties. They aren’t interested in performing a great deal of time-consuming and costly maintenance projects to move in. A commitment to annual maintenance can help you sell your home faster.

If a potential buyer is considering your home and another property, but the other property is in need of a new air conditioning or furnace unit, they may be more apt to choose your home. Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market soon or not, this increased attractiveness can help you sell the property faster when you’re ready.

Protect your HVAC system with annual inspections. A technician will be delighted to assist with your scheduling, inspection and maintenance needs.

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