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Important Safety Considerations for Furnace Tune-ups


Your furnace helps keep you and your family warm and comfortable throughout the year. And just like if you don’t give your car the proper maintenance it will have problems that can be hazardous, the same thing can happen with your furnace.

Making sure to have regular furnace tune-ups will ensure that your furnace will run safely and optimally. Here you will learn what a furnace tune-up is and how regular tune-ups can help keep you and your family safe.

What is a Furnace Tune-up?

A furnace tune-up is a form of maintenance that is done on your furnace. It will include a full inspection and cleaning of all furnace components. It will also allow HVAC professionals to discover any current problems or potential issues before they get worse. This will allow them to recommend any replacements or repairs. These are recommended to schedule one to two annual tune-ups or inspections.


Why are Furnace Tune-ups Important for Safety?

There are many reasons that a furnace tune-up can help keep you and your family safe during the colder months. You’ll want to make sure that a tune-up is done properly so you can rest assured that your furnace will provide heat in a safe way.

Prevents Breakdowns

A breakdown can cause a major health risk if it’s during the winter months especially if you live in colder areas. If a breakdown occurs during the cold season it may cause you and your family to get sick or even freeze.

A tune-up will allow the HVAC professional to see and fix any potential signs of a breakdown before they occur. When a breakdown is prevented, you won’t have the stress of not knowing if something will go wrong with your furnace. This will help put your mind at ease so that it will make it through the season without any issues.

Detects Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that is created by burning fuels. If your furnace is putting this dangerous substance in your home, health issues and even death may occur.


Although this gas can go completely unknown, during a furnace tune-up if there seems to be a leak present it will be fixed immediately before turning it on to warm your home. This can help save the lives of you and your family.

Avoid Malfunctions

Various malfunctions can occur with your furnace if it is not inspected. Things like broken blower components, broken thermostats, old filters, and much more can cause problems for your safety.

All parts of a furnace work together to perform efficiently. If one part malfunctions it can cause the furnace to not work properly and create bigger issues with your comfort.

What’s Included in a Furnace Tune-up?

A furnace tune-up consists of checking the whole furnace for any problems. This will allow the HVAC professional to repair and replace any necessary parts before your furnace is needed for warmth.

A furnace tune-up includes:

  • Electrical check
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Gas Pressure Adjustment
  • Flue Check
  • Motor Adjustment and Check
  • Filter check
  • Ignition Test
  • Heat Exchanger Evaluation
  • Burner Adjustment


As these checks and inspections are performed, you may hear recommendations on how to make your furnace run smoother. This can help you catch any problems and avoid any emergency, last-second repairs.

Other Reasons to Get a Tune-Up

While the safety of you and your family will always be your number one reason to get a furnace tune-up, there are a couple of other benefits to getting these as well. Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind if you’re considering a furnace tune-up.

Improves Energy Bill

When your furnace is functioning at its highest ability, your home heating costs will go down. This can help you save a lot of money during the cold months when you want to feel warm and comfortable in your home. By ensuring that your furnace is in optimal condition it will perform more efficiently which will allow you to run it when needed without a huge bill.

Expands Lifespan

When you have regular tune-ups on your furnace, an HVAC professional will be able to catch any signs of breakdowns or potential issues before they grow worse. This can be a sure way to extend the lifespan of your furnace and heating system.

As you can see there are various reasons to have routine furnace tune-ups. It is best to schedule them twice a year. One in the spring and one in the fall to make sure that everything is functioning optimally. These tune-ups will keep your family safe as well as extend the life of your furnace.

The HELP HVAC professionals are here to help you get your furnace in optimal shape and ensure the safety of your family. Call us today to schedule a furnace tune-up!


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