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How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer


Summer can be fun and exciting for everyone, but the blistering heat can quickly zap our energy and leave us exhausted. This is especially true if your home air conditioner isn’t running as efficiently as it should be.

To keep your energy levels up and your home comfortable throughout the summer months, you can follow a few tips to get your air conditioner ready for summer.


Periodic Inspections

Many of us love to enjoy the cool comfort of our homes during the hot summer months, but do you ever think about what goes into making that happen? Our air conditioning units are a luxury that we often take for granted, but the truth is that they require proper maintenance to run efficiently.

An air conditioning unit can become less efficient without regular upkeep, leading to higher energy bills and potentially costly repairs. Periodic inspections can help you to provide:

Better Safety

As a homeowner, ensuring the safety and comfort of your family is paramount. One essential aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy home environment is ensuring your HVAC system is adequately cared for. This will help you to:

  • Avoid Deadly Gas Inhalation: Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that a malfunctioning furnace or heating system can produce. Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can be deadly, which makes getting your system checked by professionals critical.



  • Prevent Fires: Electrical issues or debris buildup in the HVAC system can lead to system malfunctions or even fires. A yearly inspection by professional technicians can help detect and address any wiring issues, clean the system, and inspect components for wear or damage.
  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality: Poor air quality can cause respiratory problems, making it challenging to breathe and can even cause illnesses such as asthma. Over time, your HVAC system collects dust and pollen, which may cause allergies and other illnesses. Professional technicians can inspect, clean, or replace your air filters to give you cleaner air quality for a healthier home environment.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Regular air conditioner maintenance is necessary, not just because it helps to keep it functioning correctly, but also because it could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you overlook minor issues with your AC system, they could escalate into costly problems that could have been avoided.

Inside an AC unit Maximum Comfort

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during summer is a priority for most homeowners. However, factors like dust accumulation, low refrigerant levels, and leaking ducts can impact your AC’s performance, leading to potential breakdowns and costly repairs.

Professional air conditioning technicians can help you identify these issues early and take corrective measures to prevent them from escalating.

How to Check for Issues

To ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently, it’s vital to be proactive and check for common issues. Calling an HVAC professional is often the best way to go about this.

Professional HVAC technicians will start by thoroughly inspecting your entire system to look for any visible signs of wear, damage or poor installation. Next, they’ll examine your air filters, ensure that they are cleaned and free of clogs, and inspect the wiring and electrical components, ensuring that everything functions as it should.

HVAC professionals will verify that your thermostat is set to the right temperature and working correctly to prevent overheating and freezing lines. They’ll also check the refrigerant levels to ensure they are at the correct rate and inspect and clean the evaporator and condenser coils.

An essential part of an HVAC technician’s job is providing regular maintenance and checkups that can be easily prepaid and scheduled in advance through service membership plans. By subscribing to these maintenance plans, you’ll ensure you never miss a tune-up, and your HVAC system will always be running as efficiently as possible.

Clean and Clear Debris

Taking care of your air conditioning unit is crucial for saving energy, preventing unexpected repairs and ensuring quality indoor air. One of the most important maintenance tasks you can do is cleaning and clearing debris from your air conditioner.

To get started, power off your air conditioning unit and remove any debris from the area around the outdoor condenser. This will allow air to flow freely, which is necessary for efficient operation. Be sure to clean the condenser fins and straighten any bent fins. This will ensure the optimum flow of air and prevent overheating.

Clear any debris from the blower compartment and around the evaporator coil. If you can access the evaporator coil, clean it with a brush or vacuum cleaner to improve its efficiency.

Also, don’t forget to replace or clean the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow and system efficiency, causing higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

By taking these steps to maintain your air conditioning unit properly, you can extend its lifespan and keep it running at optimal performance during the hot summer.

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