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Gurgling Drains? Here’s What it Could Be


Odd, gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing would be a concern for any homeowner.

But, what causes gurgling drains and what can you do about it?

Today, you’ll learn about the most common causes of gurgling drains and steps you can take to solve the issue.


What Causes Gurgling Drains?

Those strange gurgling noises from your drains can be anything from a simple clog to something more serious. Here are the most common causes of drain gurgling:

Clogged Pipes

A clog in the pipes is one of the first assumptions people make when they have plumbing issues. Clogs can trap air bubbles, and when those air bubbles attempt to squeeze by it causes your drains to gurgle.

Your sewer pipes can be clogged by a multitude of things, such as fat or grease, paper towels, and feminine products. Pipes can also get clogged by things like socks, rags, and toys, especially if you have small children.

Sewer Lines

Another reason your drains could be gurgling, is an issue with your sewer lines. Your sewer lines are the pipes that carry all the waste from your home, to the sewer systems. If you suspect a problem within your sewer lines, it’s important that you take steps to remedy this as soon as possible.

Tree Roots

One issue that could be the culprit for your gurgling drains, is something that not many people would think of right away: trees!

Tree roots growing through your pipes could be causing damage, and subsequently, gurgling noises. Sinkholes and soft spots in your yard are other clues that there might be trees causing damage to your sewer lines.

Damaged Pipelines

When your pipes are damaged, they get flooded by air. The trapped air tries to get past where the damage is, and causes the gurgles. However, if you begin to catch a whiff of a sewage smell, too, call a professional immediately.

Clogged Ventilation

The ventilation system in your home is connected to every pipe in the house. What this system does is pushes all of the air out of the vents in your roof. If these vents get blocked, the air that is normally pushed out of the vents, looks for another exit. The next option for escape is typically your drains, which is then why your drains may begin to start to gurgle.

A few things that may cause your vents to become clogged are tree nuts, sticks, leaves, and other debris possibly dropped in by small animals.


If you’re lucky, the gurgling problem you are having is simply due to a minor issue in your P-traps. The P-trap is a curved pipe, typically connected to the drain under your sinks. The main function of this particular pipe is to stop all of the noxious gases and odors from coming back up through your drains.

If you have a blockage, or that pipe is damaged, it creates a vacuum and forces all of that air back up, creating a gurgle. The solution to these problems is easy, and simple enough for even the most novice DIYer. Simply clear out the clog or replace the P-trap.

A Fixing The Gurgle: A Quick How To

DYI-ing your plumbing problems isn’t impossible. In fact, fixing your gurgling drains can actually be pretty simple. But, if you suspect an issue with your sewer line, the best route to take is to call the professionals.

If you are a determined DIYer, make sure to take these things into consideration first:

  • Can you gain access to your pipes easily?
  • Can you get to them without causing more damage?
  • Can you do it without putting yourself in harm’s way?
  • Do you have the knowledge and skill to do the job?
  • Do you have the proper tools and equipment?

Keep in mind, if you suspect a sewer line issue, let a professional handle the job! However, if it’s a simple clog, you can take steps such as using a plunger or utilizing baking soda and vinegar to clear the blockage.

Calling the Pros!

When you come to a place where DIY isn’t an option anymore, call in some backup from the pros at Help!  With a knowledgeable, skillful staff, all of the proper tools, and a wide variety of services, you can count on the job being done well, and done right.

Call and schedule an appointment with our team today and un-gurgle your drains!

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