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Does a Whole House Fan Work in Every Season?


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Many homeowners in colder climates may not be aware how beneficial their whole house fan can be during the winter. Believe it or not, using your whole house fan is highly recommended for use in every season.

One great reason is that a whole house fan acts as both a ventilation system and an air conditioner.

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your whole house fan regardless of the season.

What is a whole house fan, and how do it work?

A whole house fan is a large fan installed in your home’s ceiling and it circulates air throughout the whole house, not just one room. A whole house fan can regulate a home’s temperature by pulling hot air out of the attic and pushing it through the main living area. A whole house fan can also be used to ventilate a home by pulling stale indoor air out of the home, bringing in fresh outdoor air through windows and doors.

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Whole house fans are relatively inexpensive and can be installed by a professional technician. However, if you have some basic knowledge about how they work, you’ll be able to use them effectively.

How to Use a Whole House Fan in the Summer

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and effective way to keep your home cool during the summer, a whole house fan is a great idea.

Use During the Night to Naturally Cool your Home and Lower Energy Bills

The best time of day to use a whole house fan is at night when it’s cooler outside than inside. This allows you to keep a constant flow of fresh air circulating throughout your home for maximum comfort at minimal cost.

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Whole house fans are an excellent option for those who want to keep their home cool without relying on air conditioning. They’re also an affordable way to maintain a comfortable temperature during the warmer months—and one that doesn’t require you to constantly adjust the thermostat.

How to Use a Whole House Fan in the Winter

Whole house fans do more than cool homes in the summertime. They can also help keep houses comfortable during the winter.

Get Rid of Stale Air

Whole house fans are a great resource for any home. They can help improve air quality and keep your family healthy. Whole house fans work by drawing cool outside air through the filter into the house while simultaneously pushing warm stale air out of the home.

By moving the cool fresh air throughout your home, you’ll reduce energy costs, increase comfort, and improve your indoor air quality.

Also, fresher, cooler air has been shown to help people enjoy better quality sleep. A win-win for your home and your health.

Reduces Moisture Buildup Inside

High humidity levels in winter can lead to mold growth and mildew formation on walls and ceilings. Whole house fans are a great way to reduce moisture buildup inside your home when it’s cold outside. This can help prevent mold, mildew, and other problems that can lead to costly repairs.

moisture and mold inside a home

Vent Cooking Smells

If you enjoy cooking up culinary delights in your kitchen but don’t enjoy the house smelling of grease, onions, or garlic, we’ve got some good news.

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Whole house fans are a great way to reduce the amount of cooking smells in your home.

Smoke, food, and other cooking smells can be powerful, and they tend to linger. If you have an open-plan kitchen, then it’s likely that the smell will travel throughout the rest of your home too.

Whole house fans are a great way to reduce those annoying food odors and help leave your home smelling less like a cafe.

Extra Operating Tips

Here are some things you should know before using your whole house fan.

Close the Fireplace Flue when Using a Whole House Fan

When using a whole house fan, you must close the fireplace flue.

fire place safety with a whole house fan
The man and woman sitting near the fireplace

This is because when you turn on your whole house fan, the air pressure in your home will drop. This causes any smoke or soot from your fire to rise out of the chimney and back into your home.

Closing the flue also helps prevent hazardous carbon monoxide from entering your home.

Don’t Use Your Whole House Fan When the Humidity is High

The main reason that a whole house fan might not work correctly is because of high humidity levels in your home.

The purpose of a whole house fan is to pull hot air out of your home and replace it with cooler air from outside. If the outside air is too humid, there will be little relief inside the house because there’s no cooler air to draw in.

Instead, you risk bringing in moisture that can cause mold growth.


Want to find out more about whole house fans? Contact the HVAC experts at HELP today.

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