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Check Out These Simple Tips to Lower Your AC Bill


Check Out These Simple Tips to Lower Your AC Bill.

We all know how hot and muggy it gets during a typical Cincinnati summer, we also all know how energy bills can skyrocket the second you turn on the AC. Here are some simple, natural tips to lower your AC bill.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

During the summer your ceiling fan plays an important role in helping keep your home cool. However, there’s a caveat. Most ceiling fans are spinning in the wrong direction.

When it’s hot out, make sure your fain is rotating counterclockwise. A counterclockwise rotation will push air down to create a wind-chill effect. During the winter months you’ll want the fan spinning in a clockwise direction, this pulls air up towards the heat.

Most modern ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction. For fans without this option, you can remove and flip the blades around. Just make sure everything is spaced evenly apart.

Hang Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains aren’t just for sleeping, they can actually be used to cool your home. During the hottest hours of the day, make sure to draw the shades. This keeps cool air in and the sun’s hot rays out. This simple action can lower your AC bill.

woman holding curtains open smiling looking outside

Blackout shades also do more than keep your home cool. They also preserve rugs, artwork, and anything sensitive to UV rays.

Ditch Your Stove for the Crockpot

When it’s hot out, do you want to spend time slaving over a stove? We didn’t think so. Cooking can make your home a lot hotter than it needs to be. Therefore, we declare summer to be crockpot season!

We understand that crockpots are normally associated with hearty winter recipes, but during the summer you can easily start a soup or chili without turning on the stove.

Another bonus is that slow cookers use less energy than a stove. Meaning it will help you save on your utility bill. Also, crockpots help cut down on the dishes. They’re a win, win solution.

Cool Yourself Down with Frozen Treats

Food can make a difference in your body temperature. No really, it’s true. On days when it’s blistering hot, why not pull out a refreshing frozen treat to help cool yourself down?

One of the best ways to do this is by making popsicles with your family! Certain foods, like coconut water, berries, and watermelon, can help bring down your body temperature. Simply puree some of these together and put them into a popsicle mold.

Another great thing about popsicles, the options are endless.  You can make savory and sweet popsicles. And even add a little alcohol for some adult fun. Either way, just mix, chill, wait until frozen, and enjoy.

Open the Windows at Night and in the Morning

A great way to help keep cool is to work directly with nature. When the sun sets and the temperatures begin to drop, open your windows! This creates a natural ventilation and introduces fresh air to your home.

family cat falling asleep on window sill near open window

The outdoor temperature will naturally cool your home and give your AC a rest. If you can, safely leave your windows open at night and close them again in the morning before it gets hot again.

Invest In a Whole House Fan

A great way to lower your AC bill is by investing in a whole house fan. This uses the same principle we talked about above, but on a bigger scale.

A whole house fan is a large fan that’s installed in the attic. When outdoor temperatures begin to cool, turn off your AC and turn on the whole house fan. This fan pulls fresh air from the outside and circulates it through your home. Using the whole house fan will effectively lower your AC bill and let the fresh air in.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to schedule two HVAC tune-ups per year. During a routine tune-up our technicians will make sure your system is clean, working, and running as efficiently as possible.

A system that runs efficiently will cost you the least amount of money to use and maintain. To schedule your own AC tune-up, call the number at the top of the screen or click here to schedule an appointment online.

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