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All About Heat Pumps: How They Work, Efficiency & More!


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A heat pump is an HVAC system that provides year-round comfort with both heating and cooling capabilities. Heat pumps don’t require complicated air duct systems or much space, so they’re popular for their versatility and efficiency.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps extract warm outside air near the outdoor unit and pump it indoors during the winter. In the summer, they reverse the process by removing warm air from inside your home and transferring it back outside. With just the flip of a switch, a heat pump will help you stay comfortable throughout the year.

We recommend twice-annual professional service for your heat pump — one before the heating season and again ahead of the cooling season.

Heat pumps also require less energy than furnaces, boilers, and other heating systems and can be zoned for one particular room or area. So, if your home has a guest room that isn’t used daily, you don’t have to waste energy heating or cooling that room, and the rest of your house can stay at a comfortable temperature.

Heat Pump Efficiency in Cold Climates

Northern Kentucky winters are cold but mild, so a heat pump would provide the heating comfort you need while reducing your energy bill.

As for Ohio winters, the temperature often dips below freezing when heat pumps fall behind combustion heating systems in efficiency. We recommend installing a heat pump alongside your gas furnace for milder days, so you only have to use your furnace when you need it.

Is a Heat Pump Right for Me?

Technological advances over the past decade have only increased how much of a difference in savings a heat pump makes in all homes. For now, heat pumps are most optimized for those who:

  • Live in a small home or can zone their home into smaller rooms and spaces
  • Live in an area where wintry weather is common, but temperatures rarely dip below 8 degrees Fahrenheit

Most HVAC companies can perform a heating and cooling load inspection to determine if a heat pump would work effectively in your home. Contact a local, trusted HVAC provider for a custom heat pump recommendation based on:

  • Your home’s size
  • Your household size
  • Your budget
  • And more factors

Contact HELP Heating & Cooling for Heat Pump Installation

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump in your Cincinnati-area home, our Trust-Certified technicians can offer their expertise. HELP Heating & Cooling offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you don’t have to pay a penny until you are completely satisfied with the work done.

After over 80 years in the business, we’re proud to be the home service provider that Cincinnati homeowners trust.

Call or schedule heat pump installation online with HELP Heating today!

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