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3 Things to Look for in a Plumber


You have a plumbing issue that needs repair right away. So you choose the plumber who offers to fix your problem for the cheapest price, right?

Wrong. When it comes to something as intricate as plumbing, you can’t afford to choose the cheapest option. A low-cost plumber may end up creating problems that will cost you more to repair. Here’s what you should look for instead.

1. Proper Licensing

Verify that the plumber you hire is licensed to perform plumbing in your state. Why does this matter? There are several reasons.

Verifies Experience and Qualification

First of all, a state plumbing license verifies that the plumber meets the state’s requirements. Generally, this means the plumber completed an apprenticeship to learn the best plumbing practices. Improper plumbing could damage your property, and could even cause someone in your home to get sick or injured.

In Ohio, a plumber must have five years of experience to obtain a license. During these five years working in the field, the plumber will learn how best to resolve various plumbing issues. He or she will also learn how to install plumbing that meets state building codes.

As a plumber gains experience, he or she can qualify as a journeyman plumber, and then as a master plumber. To qualify, he or she must pass a state examination.

Increases Trust

To obtain a license, plumbers must also undergo a criminal background check. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their plumber won’t steal their belongings or damage their property.

To maintain a current license, plumbers must be honest and ethical in their work practices. When you hire a plumber without a license or with an expired license, you run the risk of your plumber doing something unethical, such as leaving a plumbing job unfinished.

Helps You Avoid Legal Problems

But the most important reason to hire a licensed plumber? Not doing so is illegal in some states. Make sure your plumber has a current license by contacting your state’s licensing board.

2. Adequate Insurance Coverage

With the complicated nature of plumbing work, you can’t assume everything will go perfectly. What if your plumber accidentally damages your home? Or what if your plumber gets injured while working on your property? If the plumber does not hold commercial insurance, you may be held responsible for any damage or injury that occurs.

Avoid this scenario by verifying that your plumber has insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers injured employees, and liability insurance covers property damage.

3. A Good Track Record

Once you’ve verified that your plumber is licensed and insured, make sure he or she has a good reputation. Sometimes you can learn this by word of mouth. However, one of the best ways to verify your plumber’s reputation is to look up their company on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

The Better Business Bureau lets you know how many people have filed complaints against the business and whether the company resolved these complaints. It allows customers to rate the business and report whether they had a good experience. It also gives the company a rating, with F as the lowest and A+ as the highest.

You can also find customer reviews for plumbing businesses on sites like Angie’s List.

Once you’ve looked into these three steps, make sure your plumber has experience performing the particular plumbing work you need. If you need other repair services as well, such as heating and cooling service or electrical work, find a plumber who offers all of these services.

The licensed plumbers at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains offer all the services you need for your home, so call us today.

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